We first began refashioning antique bags fourteen years ago. My object was welding together the inimitable qualities of provenance, patina and character with the beauty of the new; to embody a multicultural and multidimensional aesthetic for a global, contemporary life. By relentless attention to design and an artisans attention for detail, we have accomplished just that— creating a collection of one-of-a-kind fashion accessories and home décor objects for those with an appreciation for the distinctively unique.


By carefully collecting, repurposing and recycling diverse materials from across different eras and continents, J. Augur’s designs reawaken the hidden spirits and stories within the object, extending their existence—and to our admirers a chance to own, use a fusion of the beauty and history. We continue to hand sew each bag from select textiles, unusual fabrics and salvaged leather sources, such as antique cowboy’s boots from the old west. Expressing a stunning, functional style, J. Augur accessories are carried by the most discerning men and women in the world—sought after by those who respect the incredible stories within our re-born objects—and cherished by those who will enjoy these truly singular bags for generations to come.


J. Augur Design has always been, and will always be people working together in Claremont, CA, making extraordinary products by hand. Each bag and accessory is manually finished and absolutely unique.

I guarantee all my work unconditionally, as it reflects the principles I most respect. I likewise invite and encourage you to share with me your stories, perspectives and dreams as well. I can be reached at 909.568.8677 or at my personal email, ironjacks@earthlink.net.

Judy Augur

“Bringing material culture to a material world.”

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